December 11, 2023

Tales of a Hostile Kingdom

By Michelle Fuller


My therapeutic expression.

‘The hostile environment’ mental health epidemic is all part of the mock-up slavery system dreamt up in the deepest darkest part of her left ventricle. Her oxygenated poison pumped into her aorta supplying the rest of her body, pushing her hand to sign policies directing mental anguish to ‘the others’ – and then out of her mouth it came.

Or maybe, she was using a blueprint of a system that was previously used by her empire…hmm?

(OK back to it!)

Image by Michelle Fuller

Out of her mouth came a witch’s spell hypnotising those with the mark to do her bidding. The healers were ordered to desist from their oath of healing and leave the poor sods to die. Evil eyes were given to educators to cast over ‘the others’ offspring to alter their futures.

Landlords were made to check too, but for what? They decided the safest thing to do – only receive prospective tenants who looked the part. If they don’t, then kick them to the curb.

And so, she continued casting her spell binding words throughout the kingdom accusing ‘the others’ of stealing, what not so long ago was stolen from their forefathers.

Her Jesters took her words and induced the unconscious ones with thoughts that there was not enough to go around, and that “the others” though small in number were stealing what belonged to them – the majority.

The unconscious ones following her lead of ‘we are superior’ attacked ‘the others.’ Hate crimes were committed in the name of racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and just because you talk different.

To scare ‘the others,’ the spell weaver concocted a plan. White chariots were manufactured with her horsemen shouting, ‘GO HOME OR FACE ARREST,’ ‘GO HOME OR FACE ARREST.’

She wanted their dignity and their sane minds

Her spells fogged up the third eye of many in her kingdom… and so they slept while…

Agreements were made with profit makers and dungeons prepared.

Decrees were signed, ordering all that is owned by ‘the others’ be taken away. They are deprived of homes, careers, education, savings, health anything that would allow them a livelihood.

She convinced her sleepwalkers that by no means be just and obeying a secret decree to take away ‘the others’ seals, many were made seal-less.

But that was not enough, she wanted their dignity and their sane minds.

Armed with her amber rod, ‘the others’ are targeted and summoned to reporting centres all over the kingdom. They wait their turn in the pouring rain and freezing winter – mothers with children, the old, the young, the disabled, the sick. They are treated like stock and branded “Illegal.”

Those who do not turn up to report are tracked and their homes invaded – they are outnumbered by sleepwalkers eight to one. Handcuffed and carted off to one of the kingdom’s many dungeons, they are imprisoned – indefinitely. It is the same for many who do report.

The dungeons’ sleepwalkers see ‘the others’ as sub-human and use intimidation and bullying to make that point. There are reports of sexual abuse, human rights violations and suicides are on the increase in the dungeons. But who cared?

Some are chained in full body restrained belts and forcibly expelled on secret midnight flights. But who cared?

(Hold up! I hear a Bob Marley song coming)

(“Old pirates, yes, they rob I / Sold I to the merchant ships / Minutes after they took I / From the bottomless, pit…”)

Those on the outside struggle to survive, no roof to sleep under, no food to eat either. The sane has started to go insane. But who cared?

The conscious ones, those not permeated with spell binding words, saw the truth. They shouted in protest for justice for ‘the others’ and shouted some more. But who cared?

KARMA decided to intervene. Right place, perfect timing and the Windrush scandal happened – one of many groups affected by the hostile environment became the talk of the Kingdom.

Their not so secret inhumanities are made public. The fog began to dissipate, and the unconscious slowly began to open their eyes.

Some Jesters began asking, ‘Why did it take so long for ‘the others’ to speak out?’

(Stupid question! Why did you turn a blind eye and cover your ears when the conscious ones where protesting and shouting about the injustice being done?

Why? Because it was not news worthy. The tone of the piece was not right for your readers. The migrants and refugees branded illegal – their voices were not important to you.)

She decided to lay down the amber rod and use the brown one instead, hoping for an easy escape.

KARMA will decide and is waiting for the right place, perfect timing…

(Hold up! I hear another Bob Marley song coming)

(“Until the philosophy which hold one race superior / And another / Inferior / Is finally / And permanently / Discredited / And abandoned / Everywhere is war / Me say war…”)




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