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The untitled one

This was supposed to be done on World Mental Health Day, but ironically I only learned about it the night before. So it has taken me some time.

Every single day while I’m trying to get more work, I face a straightforward question: “Do you have an updated showreel?”

And as much as it’s a simple question, the answer is very complicated.

It’s tough to open about that, especially when it’s a trend more than a real problem, but here we go.

It’s now two and a half years since I was first diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety, and I can guarantee that this has been the biggest change in my life.

Before this diagnosis, I felt lonely, suffering from panic attacks regularly, feeling fear and anger for no obvious reason.

I’ve limited my relationships with almost everyone I know, turning from the guy who was socialising a lot and full of energy, to the introvert who doesn’t want to deal with people.


I was involved in many powerful projects, but they seemed meaningless at the time.

With medication, I was eventually able to handle the day to day tasks, but I’ve never been cured. I gained weight, a lot of weight, and I was feeling better for a while.

But after a year and a half, I found myself going back to the start, lonely, angry, anxious and depressed, even though my work was going perfectly. I was involved in many powerful projects, but they seemed meaningless at the time.

I decided to stop taking my medicines, which was a few weeks before the pandemic hit. Just perfect timing.

Once the lockdown was announced in the UK, I got two big projects canceled and deductions from other ones. I went from working 25 days per month to 5 or 6 only. The worst part is that I know this will not end soon. Even worse: I’m out of batteries.

I’m better than thousands or maybe millions of other people, I know that. Actually, I feel shame for complaining, at least I still have jobs coming in and projects to work on, but I’m really done with trying to handle things, faking the smile whilst doing these day-to-day tasks, or trying to get more work.

I couldn’t find any other way to express myself other than doing this short anime.

So…I’m Hossam.  I have been diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety, and yes, I think I’m the one in four that the pandemic has fucked up.

Oh, I almost forgot, my answer to the question about my showreel: it’s complicated, I mean it.

Thank you.