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Ronahi Hasan’s Nowruz

Last month, we celebrated Nowruz, the start of the new year for many of our participants.

Our participant, Ronahi Hasan, wrote a piece on her blog to mark the celebration.


The full post can be found here:

Syrian Kurds- Rojava Kurdistan- celebrate the Kurdish New Year ‘ Newroz’ in Britain   


Every year on March 21st, the Kurdish people celebrate Newroz. In the Kurdish language, Newroz means “New Day”, by which Kurds mean the first day of spring. The Kurdish calendar begins on this day. Newroz, therefore, is the new day, the first day of the New Year. The Kurdish nation has been celebrating Newroz since the time of ancient history.


Today, Newroz is not just a day for remembering, it is also a day for the protest and resistance against the oppression which the Kurdish people continue to suffer from it.


Newroz means to hold on to the hope of spring and that sunnier timer are on their way after the cold and dark winter. Kurds await the time when their young people will bloom in the sun with new-found confidence, hope and aspirations in the bosom of a free country.