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Others Unheard: The podcast

In the summer of 2022, a group of journalists on the Refugee Journalism Project worked a BBC journalist and students from London College of Communication in a series of audio-storytelling workshops.

The group, made up of journalists from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Sri Lanka, were keen to explore the stories and voices that they felt were overlooked. They also wanted to incorporate their own intrinsic relationship to the stories and be transparent about their personal interest in highlighting them.

The group were able to use their contacts to access those at the heart of the topics: From the Syrian asylum seeker reflecting on his experiences at a UK detention centre to the women forced out of public life in Afghanistan to the girls absent from school in Sri Lanka.

The end result is Others Unheard an anthology series where each episode puts a spotlight on one underrepresented human story.

Others Unheard is available via: