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A glimpse of hope in exile

Marking World Refugee Day on 20 June, “Hope in Exile,” is a photojournalism exhibition delivered by the Refugee Journalism Project and One World Media that sheds light on the experiences of forcibly displaced individuals. By… Read More »A glimpse of hope in exile

We are looking for new participants

We’re looking for individuals who are interested in taking part in an initiative that supports journalists who seek to rebuild their professional careers in the UK.

The value of journalism

Photojournalist Sara Furlanetto worked with three participants on the presented video. Asked to answer to the question “What is journalism in the context of your life?”, they wrote a personal text, each sharing personal stories… Read More »The value of journalism

Visit to the Guardian Media Group

Refugee Journalism Project participants visited the Guardian where they learned about the history of the paper as well as the day-to-day business of the Guardian.

Refugee journalism: Why now?

This summer, journalist Neil Arun conducted two workshops at the London College of Communications, and shared some of the things he knew with journalists who had arrived in Britain as refugees. They, in turn, demonstrated what they knew – and… Read More »Refugee journalism: Why now?