December 11, 2023
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By Zechariah Makuach Maror  When Rwandan national, Gashumba Alphonse, arrived in Uganda in 2004 as a 9-year-old refugee, he would not have imagined that twenty years later, he would be a self-sufficient farmer, with 20 employees and able to support his parents plus nine other family

By Abul Ajak In Nakivale refugee camp, one of the oldest in Uganda, Ishimwe Jonah, a Congolese refugee, starts a nursery school with the profit earned from farming. Jonah hopes the future generation of refugees will be empowered, and will have access to all the amenities

As we celebrate Refugee Week, Houda Fansa Jawadi shares her thoughts on what is lost, and what is gained in transitioning to a "safe" life. We are not just migrants in this country. We are people who were forcibly uprooted from our original communities, left holding

Jeanne Muhimundu on the hope, aspirations and self-reliance that is being built within the Tongogara Refugee Camp in Zimbabwe. As you take  Chipinge road from the Mutare township, on your right, you will encounter a signpost that smiles at you and tells you “Welcome to Tongogara”.

Ukrainian journalist Iryna Svatula recounts the events when bombs began to fall on her home town. 3.45 am. Abnormally loud and scary sounds of airplanes' engines over the town. Colleagues from eastern regions of Ukraine began to send messages about the bombing of their cities. A